This is my HAPPY drink. ♥️ No copious amounts of sugar, just enough fizz to tickle my nose and the color is glorious; reminds me of a ruby jewel!!!  

Is not-too-sweet your thing? This sparking non-alcoholic Hibiscus drink is just the ticket!  Bright, colorful, festive, and so simple to make.  

Servings: 1 (easily doubles for more fun)

3 TBS Hibiscus 🌺 Mocktail Mixer by The Urban Farmhouse Co. 

1 TBS fresh lime juice

Top with sparkling water (like Topo Chico) or club soda

Garnish with dried Blood orange 🍊 slices, or a lemon 🍋 wedge

Ice, for serving

I'm into mocktails at the moment and the really great thing about these Mocktail Mixers we've come up with is you can put them in COCKTAILS too! WHAAAT you say! Yes, its true.  Add 1 to 2 ounce shots of your favorite spirit after adding the fresh lime juice, then top with the sparkling water. Genius my friend, genius.