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Did you know I can't drink ACV straight? Nope, not a thing. In 2019 I was having some gut health issues where my system was completely out of balance. A friend suggested trying ACV every day…HOLY COW! Drinking straight Bragg’s ACV will wake you up! But I can’t stomach it straight and I tried desperately for 3 straight weeks in varying amounts. It made me mad. Something so simple as fermented apples and I can’t keep this down! WHAT! Later, and luckily, I read an article, titled something like “What is a Shrub?” but the pictures were of these gorgeous, rich, and colorful liquids…SHRUBS! Eureka! I knew this would work, it had to work, or I was going to have to go on pharmaceuticals and I didn’t want that. Fast forwarding, 2020 was my R&D or what I like to call my “Guinea Pig” time! I’m drinking and making fruit shrubs, veggie shrubs, berry shrubs and trying all these different concoctions, my husband and I are remodeling our entire house, COVID-19 is here, and life is incredibly but beautifully BUSY. Over a period of about 9 months my gut imbalance was gone! (I never took big pharma meds) I noticed other subtle changes of drinking my Shrubs each morning from my skin texture improving, my hair looking all salon shiny, my allergies didn’t seem to bother me at all, and I hadn’t gotten the flu or any cold since starting my Shrubs. Now, we get to 2021. I'm happy, healthy, drinking my shrubs and the thought hits me (really it was my handsome hubby who suggested I sell my Shrubs) that maybe someone else has had the same experience. They want the benefits of ACV but can't stomach it. Why NOT bottle this stuff and offer it to the public, see what happens, who knows, right? Truly, I've loved every juicy, tart and tangy experience of this journey, of this “life”. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little about The Urban Farmhouse Co. and as Julia Child herself said, "Bon appétit!".

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