Mini Waffle Sliders are the epitome of a fall tailgating grilling party and the added bonus is kids LOVE them even more because they are just the right size! 

Our all-American sliders are cute, fun to make, and fun to eat. These sliders are tiny hamburgers served on mini "WAFFLE" buns. Sliders make a great appetizer or even a main dish.  Make sure to serve plenty of them!  



1lb ground beef (makes approx. 11 mini patties)

Waffle fries (we used Ore-Ida frozen)

Bacon cut into approx. 1 inch pieces

Urban Farmhouse's Farmhouse Fire Shrub

Cheese slices 

Pickle slices 

Cherry tomatoes slices





toothpicks (great at holding these mini waffle burgers together)

Use any of the condiments and toppings listed above, in any order or amount that makes you and your family happy.   Serve these adorable sliders with home-made coleslaw, watermelon wedges, or baked beans for a great healthy infused meal!